Regression Testing an NLP model with Microsoft LUIS and Botium

  • use multiple chatbot technologies
  • set up test automation in a few minutes
  • enjoy a new improved user interface
  • get the benefits of a hosted, free service

Why ?

Botium Installation and Initialization

Botium Box comes with out-of-the-box support for Microsoft LUIS, so you don’t have to manually setup those components.

> npm install botium-bindings
> npm install botium-connector-luis
> ./node_modules/.bin/botium-bindings init mocha
> npm install && npm run mocha
lights on#me
set lights concentrate
INTENT HomeAutomation.TurnOn
ENTITIES HomeAutomation.Operation|...
ENTITY_VALUES concentrate|lights

Running Test Cases with Mocha

> npm run mocha

Running Test Cases with Botium Box

Botium Box Dashboard

Looking for contributors




Co-Founder and CTO Botium🤓 — Guitarist 🎸 — 3xFather 🐣

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Florian Treml

Florian Treml

Co-Founder and CTO Botium🤓 — Guitarist 🎸 — 3xFather 🐣

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