Chatbot Testing Done Right: Botium Box Available Now

  • Test Management — Use the Quickstart wizzard to connect your chatbot, select test environments and datasets and start testing.
  • Predefined Datasets — Botium Box comes with Datasets for various chatbot domains. Save time designing and writing conversations.
  • End-to-End Testing — Test your bot from A to Z, starting on API level, moving further to the user interface and ending up talking to a device.
  • GDPR and Security — Identify GDPR and Security issues with Botium.

Walkthrough: Botium Box Trial

1. Login and Dashboard

2. Test Case Authoring

3. Connect your Chatbot

4. Test Set Execution and Test Reports

5. Device Labs

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Co-Founder and CTO Botium🤓 — Guitarist 🎸 — 3xFather 🐣

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Florian Treml

Florian Treml

Co-Founder and CTO Botium🤓 — Guitarist 🎸 — 3xFather 🐣

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