Chatbot Testing Done Right: Botium Box Available Now

Chatbots are driving the industry. With Botium we are driving chatbots. After months of hard work we are finally there: we are proud to announce the general availability of the newest Botium Stack member, the Botium Box.

Check out some game changing features for testing and training of chatbots:

  • Test Management — Use the Quickstart wizzard to connect your chatbot, select test environments and datasets and start testing.
  • Predefined Datasets — Botium Box comes with Datasets for various chatbot domains. Save time designing and writing conversations.
  • End-to-End Testing — Test your bot from A to Z, starting on API level, moving further to the user interface and ending up talking to a device.
  • GDPR and Security — Identify GDPR and Security issues with Botium.

UPDATE 2020/11/05: Botium has a FREE, hosted plan available! Take it for a test drive…

Walkthrough: Botium Box Trial

This article guides you in your first steps with the Botium Box — we will explore the main sections with short video clips. Everything you see (and more) you can do yourself in the online trial and in the free community edition.

1. Login and Dashboard

The Dashboard is the entry point. You can see an overview how the quality of your chatbot evolves over time, how the chatbot performs in your environments and what test sets perform well.

2. Test Case Authoring

In Botium, the test cases are described by dialog flows the chatbot is supposed to follow — also known as “BotiumScript”.

3. Connect your Chatbot

Botium supports a large variety of chatbot technologies — chatbots built with Dialogflow or Microsoft Bot Framework are supported, as well as chatbots publishing a HTTP/JSON API, or chatbots running on a voice-enabled home automation device, or chatbots running within a chat widget on a website.

You can always have a live chat with your chatbot — record your conversation and save it in your test set for automated replay and assertion later.

4. Test Set Execution and Test Reports

And now to the fun part: use the Quickstart Wizard to select the chatbot, select the test sets, and your are ready to go: the test sets are executed and the final result is shown in a beautiful test report.

5. Device Labs

Botium Box also supports testing on a user interface level — check that your chatbot is responsive on real devices by combining Botium with a device cloud and browser lab provider like Saucelabs.

Looking for contributors

Please take part in the Botium community to bring chatbots forward! By contributing you help in increasing the quality of chatbots worldwide, leading to increasing end-user acceptance, which again will bring your own chatbot forward! Start here:

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