Botium in a Nutshell, Part 4: Extending Botium

This is part 4 of the Botium in a Nutshell series of articles.

Part 4 of this article series is around some advanced topics.

Show me some code!

We prepared some code samples you can use directly in your browser.

Usually, you don’t need to work on this level, as Botium provides several options to run your test cases (see Part 3 of this series).

Extending Botium

We often got requests like these:

  • How can I validate that my bot actually accepted and processed the order ?
  • One of my test cases requires some special setup routine
  • How can I reset my chatbot after each test case ?

Botium provides several extension points for adding your own custom behaviour to BotiumScript:

  • Custom Asserters will add your custom test case assertion logic to Botium
  • Custom Logic Hooks will add your custom business logic to Botium

Please look at the Developer Section of the Botium Wiki.