Botium in a Nutshell, Part 3: Automating Chatbot Tests

Connecting to your Chatbot

"botium": {
"Capabilities": {
"PROJECTNAME": "Directline3 Plugin Sample",
"CONTAINERMODE": "directline3",
"DIRECTLINE3_SECRET": "my-directline-secret",
  • directline3 for Microsoft Bot Framework Bots hosted on Azure
  • watson for chatbots developed with IBM Watson
  • dialogflow for chatbots developed with Google Dialogflow
  • simplerest for chatbots publishing an HTTP/JSON endpoint
  • alexa-smapi for Alexa skills (with the Skill Management API)
  • alexa-avs for Alexa skills on End-To-End-Level (Text-To-Speech and Speech-To-Text conversion)
  • webdriverio for end-to-end tests on user interface level (chatbots published as website widget)
  • And more …
> botium-cli emulator --config path/to/botium.json
Botium Box Live Chat

Test Case Execution

  • a couple of convo and utterances files, a test set
  • a valid set of capabilities for connecting to your chatbot

Option 1: Botium CLI

> botium-cli run --config path/to/botium.json --convos path/to/files

Option 2: Botium Bindings

Option 3: Botium Box Quickstart Wizard

Botium Box Quickstart Wizard

Frequently Asked Questions




Co-Founder and CTO Botium🤓 — Guitarist 🎸 — 3xFather 🐣

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Florian Treml

Florian Treml

Co-Founder and CTO Botium🤓 — Guitarist 🎸 — 3xFather 🐣

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